5 Easy Ways to Be Generous Without Using Money

November 16, 2017

God has designed us not to be hoarders but conduits through which His generosity flows. Many people desire to be more generous but feel their current financial situation limits their generosity. And, to an extent, some are probably right. Especially when it comes to their financial generosity. This is why we need to pursue financial health, to be in a place where we are open-handed with our money, ready to give when God commands or tugs on our heart.

But generosity is not just about money. God has created us to be generous with all our resources. So while you work to free up your finances, here are five easy ways to be generous without using money:

  1. Write a note of encouragement. Be generous with your words. There are numerous reasons to write notes of encouragement. Here is one I like—identify someone whose investment in you has had a big impact on your life. Thank them for their investment. Thank them for their time and energy. Let them know about the difference they made in your life.
  1. Donate unused goods. Be generous with your stuff. Many of us have too much stuff. At our house, we sometimes find ourselves with too many toys. So, what do we do? We give some of them away. You probably have some unused or lightly used goods that you can give away. Here is a way to identify them—if you did not use the item during the past twelve months, you’re probably safe to donate it.
  1. Have people over. Be generous with your home. Maybe ask the new neighbors to come over for dinner. Maybe ask a few friends from your church to come over for coffee. Or maybe a coworker and their spouse for a barbecue. Open up your home to others. Play a game, watch a game, or just enjoy a meal together. Create an environment where comfortableness is felt and conversations flow.
  1. Babysit. Be generous with your time. Give a young couple a night out. Let them share a cup of coffee with one another without having to intermittently change a dirty diaper. Even a few hours of childcare will mean the world to them. If you know a couple that could use a few hours out, ask if you can babysit for them.
  1. Say “yes.” Be generous with your willingness to help. One of the key characteristics of generous people is that they say “yes” more than they say “no.” They have a serve-first attitude. They are looking for opportunities to help others. Whether you spot a need or someone asks for your help, try to consider how you can help instead of thinking why you cannot help.

Living the generous life is not just about money. God has designed us to use all of our resources to point people toward Him and advance His Kingdom. It is an exciting, adventurous life that, unfortunately, so many never experience. Take some time today to pick out one of the above suggestions and take a step toward experiencing the generous life God designed us to live.

Written by Art Rainer, member of the Summit Stewardship and Generosity Ministry Leadership Team.

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