ServeRDU is the missional living movement of The Summit Church that equips and connects our members to gospel-shaped service to our marginalized neighbors in community here in the Triangle.

ServeRDU represents all of our church’s efforts to pray, serve, and connect with our city through our community development and outreach initiatives. ServeRDU ministries connect to our marginalized neighbors and community organizations through relationships, partnerships, and collaborations.

Our Mission: To send disciples to make disciples by practicing justice among the marginalized communities of the Triangle.

Our Vision: To see every Summit member missionally engaged in serving our city and a Summit connection to every marginalized community in the Triangle.

Connect to a ServeRDU Ministry

FlourishRDU: A Ministry of Benevolence for Neighbors in Crisis

This ministry exists to establish relationships and relieve the stress of financial crisis. We do this by providing short-term financial relief for neighbors in crisis, and connecting people to the life of the local church long term.


RestoreRDU: A Ministry for Neighbors Experiencing Healthcare Crisis

This ministry addresses the variety of medical crisis needs of members of our community through partnerships with local health clinics to respite housing for family members whose loved ones are in long-term care in one of our local hospitals.


BelongRDU: A Ministry to Care for those Facing Homelessness

This ministry exists to help those facing homelessness to be rooted in their life and community and to know the love of Christ, where all find their true home and belonging. We do this by working through local service providers to provide temporary housing to families in crisis, hospitality, job training and mentorship.


WelcomeRDU: A Ministry for Welcoming Our International Neighbors

This ministry seeks to welcome our international neighbors in the name of Jesus and care for them just as we care for our own selves, loving them and making the Gospel known to them through word and deed. We engage international neighbors through many different avenues, including: refugee resettlement, international student ministry, and ESL programs.


EmbraceRDU: A Ministry for Caring for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

The purpose of this ministry is to encourage and support the care of orphans and foster children by receiving them into the homes and lives of our church members. We do this by adopting and fostering children locally and internationally, and by supporting adoptive and foster families in our community.


FreedomRDU: A Ministry for Neighbors Impacted by Incarceration

This ministry is focused on serving individuals and families impacted by incarceration. Our ministries include services and programs in correctional facilities as well as re-entry services such as jobs and housing.


ThriveRDU: A Ministry for Women in Crisis

This ministry exists to build relationships with and support women in crisis so they not only survive, but thrive (physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually) in their communities. We do this by serving at pregnancy resource centers, mentoring, leading bible studies, and acting as kingdom community through small groups.


ConnectRDU: A Ministry to Reconnect Youth

The purpose of this ministry is to support youth through relationships and encouragement to pursue educational opportunities and job skills. We do this primarily by mentoring youth in local schools and organizations whose mission involved serving youth people.