The Advocacy Program is the collective effort between the advocates, Summit missions staff, campus staff, and small groups to provide member care for its missionaries and church planters sent from The Summit Church to the nations. If you are interested in becoming an Advocate or getting your small group involved, please contact



The Advocacy Program is made up of individuals within The Summit Church who serve the mission of God by being a conduit to connect the church to the missionary and the missionary to the church. Advocates must:

  • Be a member of The Summit Church.
  • Have a love for missions and a deep, personal, and prayerful interest in the well-being of their missionary.
  • Have at least one voice-to-voice conversation with their missionary per month and maintain regular email communication, including reading and responding to the missionary’s regular updates.
  • Recruit at least two small groups to aid in providing support.
  • Communicate clearly and regularly with supporting small groups about needs.
  • Maintain contact with the Summit missions team to ensure adequate support, including the completion of a monthly report.
  • Assist in coordinating support for the missionary on stateside visits.
  • Assist with other needs as they arise for the missionary.
  • Be responsible for identifying a replacement advocate if one must give up this position for any reason.

Small Groups

All Summit small groups are challenged to commit to support one missionary by:

  • Receiving the missionary’s regular updates, praying for their requests, and responding to updates with encouragement.
  • Sending care packages as needed (at least one time a year).
  • Communicating with their missionary at least once per quarter (preferably via Skype/FaceTime but at least via email).
  • Going on a short-term trip or assisting in recruiting team members to visit their missionary.
  • Communicating clearly and regularly with the advocate about needs of the missionary.

Missions Staff

Each member of the Summit missions team commits to maintain regular contact with several missionaries in order to layer support and accountability. They will also:

  • Send to career units (more than two years) a personal email monthly in order to check in.
    • Non-career units (two years or less) will be contacted quarterly.
  • Participate in a quarterly conference call to provide ongoing training and encouragement.
  • Send a monthly email update to share Summit news and resources.

Campus Staff

The home campus of each missionary is tasked to provide encouragement and support via their staff. Some specific responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating commissionings and “welcome back” stage time at their campus.
  • Receiving and responding to missionary updates.
  • Aiding in recruiting for short-term trips to visit their missionaries.
  • Assisting in support for the missionary on stateside visits.