What Does It Mean to Go Long-term?

At the Summit we define a long-term assignment as anything lasting two years or more. These assignments can include being fully funded by a sending organization, going through a sending organization but raising your own funding, or using your job, education, or retirement to serve on an international church planting team.

Requirements to Go Long-term

To ensure successful long-term assignments that are beneficial for our field partners as well as those going out, individuals applying for long-term assignments should meet the following requirements:

  1. Follower of Christ
  2. Covenant member of The Summit Church
  3. Member or leader of a Summit small group
  4. Participation in at least one short-term trip
  5. Recommended by the Summit missions and church planting team
  6. Completion of the long-term process defined below

Process to Go Long-term

  1. Self-assessment. Get started with going long-term by completing a brief self-assessment to let us know how to best guide you.
  2. Discuss. After receiving your self-assessment, someone from the international missions team will arrange a brief meeting with you to explore the best options for your experience and interests. You can explore potential sending organizations from the list below.
  3. Apply. As directed by a member of the international missions team, complete the long-term application with the agreed upon organization or employer.
  4. Raise support. Depending on the opportunity that best fits your desires, calling, experience, and interests, you may be required to raise some level of financial support. We will provide training and direction for support raising as needed.
  5. Attend training. Depending on the opportunity you choose, you will be required to attend various levels of training. However, we ask that all long-term participants going out in the next two years join the International Church Planting Cohort. We will direct you to this opportunity at the appropriate time.
  6. Find a job or opportunity. For those leveraging their job, education, or retirement to join an international church planting team, finding that specific opportunity is the last step before they are ready to go.
  7. Go. After you have completed these steps, you are ready to be sent!

Pathways to Explore

There are many pathways by which you can be sent by the Summit. The three primary pathways are with the International Mission Board, through the Global Cities Initiative, and by raising support.

  1. International Mission Board. The IMB is our primary sending partner. While the majority of our people sent with them are fully funded, you can also raise support to join an IMB team.
  2. Global Cities Initiative. GCI is our sending initiative that includes anyone using their job, education, or retirement to join an international church planting team.
  3. Raising support. We have several other organizations that we trust and send many of our people through, and the majority of opportunities through these organizations involve raising support. Here’s a short (but not exhaustive) list of some of our most trusted partners:

Start the Conversation

We want to walk with you as you start this journey on God’s mission, so if you’re considering starting this process, contact us at missions@summitrdu.com, and a member of the the international missions team will follow up with you to continue this conversation.