God is making a great name for himself among the nations, and he has called all Christians to be an active part of his mission. Read more to find out why we do things the way we do and how you can join in the mission today.


In order to equip every member to engage in the global mission of God, the missions team facilitates a Missions Training Pipeline. The required levels, including the suggested time frame to participate, are listed below.

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3–4 Years from Departure

101: The Missions Course

Purpose: We hope all members of The Summit Church will be engaged in God’s mission both locally and internationally. If you are interested in getting involved in outreach at the Summit, watch the video above and consider how God would have you be a part of his redemptive work in Raleigh-Durham and to the ends of the earth.

This is designed for: All members of the Summit

201: Explore Missions Study

Purpose: What’s next? How do you move forward? How can you determine how your skills and giftings fit into local or international missions? If you’ve had a taste of what it means to serve and you desire to grow in cross-cultural outreach, this step is for you. Whether you want to engage with your international neighbor or explore what expanded time overseas might look like, we can help. Join other members of the Summit as we examine the following topics in a six-week study: missions in the Old Testament and New Testament, what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, what missionaries do, our family story, and missions and the world today.

This is designed for: Those interested in exploring missions further by growing in knowledge, application, skills, and giftings

1–2 Years from Departure

301: International Church Planting (ICP) Cohort

The ICP Cohort provides intentional training and sets expectations for those who are ready to move overseas for two years or more. Missionary candidates receive quality content from current and former field workers and coaching at a high level on a monthly basis. Action steps will be given at each cohort meeting for further practice and experience. The topics covered in every cohort year include:

  1. Gospel-centered missions
  2. What is church? (and how to start one)
  3. Healthy family
  4. Effective evangelism and discipleship
  5. Effective contextualization and dealing with culture shock
  6. Healthy teaming and conflict
  7. Spiritual warfare
  8. Developing field strategy
  9. The core tasks of a missionary

To see the ICP Cohort Participant Guide, visit summitrdu.com/launchguide.

6 Months–1 Year from Departure

401: Deepen Discipleship

Deepen Discipleship is the final step in the preparation process. This course will prepare those being sent out long-term through a daily Bible reading plan and cross-cultural assignments to be completed in Raleigh-Durham, articles and books to read, videos to watch, weekly meetings with an accountability partner, bi-weekly meetings with a coach, and continued participation in the ICP Cohort.

To see the Word on Life Participant Guide, visit summitrdu.com/launchguide.