Prison Ministry – Men’s

Sundays at 3:15 pm

Prison Ministry – Men’s

Prisons in RDU are filled with men and women whose lives are defined by what they’ve done to break the law, but the Gospel offers the chance for their lives to be defined by what Jesus has done on the cross. The promise offered to our neighbors in prison is freedom in Christ despite their incarceration, which is why we have decided to launch Summit services inside of the men’s prison in Wake County. Our hope is to see these men become disciples of Christ and then be disciple-makers both in the prison and after their release.

We would love for you to join us in praying for these men and to consider serving with the hope of seeing them come to faith in Christ and grow as disciple-makers.

Our Mission

T​o serve the ​Justice Involved ​with the love, grace and truth of Christ, ​Reaching, Equipping and Sending ​Disciple-Makers​ back into the prison population and walking with them through their multifaceted transition back into Society, seeking to maintain meaningful relationships for life.

Tony Diana

Campus Pastor

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Prison Ministry – Men’s
Wake Correctional Center
1000 Rock Quarry Rd
Raleigh, NC 27610

(919) 733-7988

Prison Ministry – Women's

Ways to get involved

​The Summit Church Worship Service

Sunday Afternoon 3:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

God has opened the door for us to bring The Summit Church into Wake Correctional Center. We have weekly worship services where we gather as the church to worship God in spirit and truth by bringing in the recorded services from our Brier Creek campus. Our prison pastor leads the worship service and provides pastoral care for the men and oversight for the volunteers. The men sing together, sit under the preaching of God’s word and then discuss the sermon in small groups. Though still incarcerated, lives are transformed by the Gospel and no longer primarily defined by what they have done to break the law, but by what Jesus has done for them on the cross to set them free as new creations in Christ. Our mission and passion is to reach, equip and send disciple-makers back into the prison each week and upon release, to walk with these men through their multifaceted transition back into society. We urge you to join us in praying for these men, this ministry and consider serving with us on our team.

Project Nehemiah​

Sunday Evening Service 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Project Nehemiah is a six month Biblically-based life skills class taught by Prison Fellowship certified teachers from the Summit and other churches in the area. It is a highly effective way to build discipleship relationships by sitting with the men and participating in classroom discussions together. This class is an opportunity to meet the men who are eligible and begin a sponsor/mentor relationship.


Ministries inside the prison, such as the 3:15 service and Project Nehemiah, require the volunteers to have a “blue card” to come inside the gate. Training is required, and it’s provided by the prison (most often at the prison.) Men’s prison ministry works with the prison to alert potential volunteers of coming training events. We also help volunteers connect with the right resource to get involved in all service opportunities, inside and outside the prison.

Sponsor / Mentor

Under the prison’s Community Volunteer (CV) program, men who are already serving in the prison ministry may take inmates out of the prison to specified events, most often a Summit church service or activity. Inmates are required to meet specified levels of good behavior and compliance with prison rules before they are allowed to participate in the program. Many of them are getting close to their release date. Sponsorship (and the one-on-one relationship that develops) provides many opportunities to help the inmates grow in their faith, experience a supportive church community and better prepare them for their eventual release.

Biblical Counseling

The counseling ministry offers counsel from God’s Word to inmates who are either still incarcerated at Wake Correctional or have been released, and continue to pursue hope and direction in their life and relationship with Jesus Christ. Counseling is offered in areas such as: anger management, grief – processing the loss of someone or something very important, sexual addiction, processing betrayal, marriage foundations, marriage communications, and marriage finances, to list a few topics. The counseling ministry consists of graduate-level counseling interns who offer free personal counseling to Summit’s members and community. The counseling interns are completing their master’s or doctoral degrees in counseling and receive supervision from Summit’s Pastor of Counseling. The need is great for those who have a heart to counsel men in need.


Yokefellow Prison Ministry is an interdenominational, interracial Christian ministry of reconciliation begun in 1969. It is founded on the idea that people’s lives are changed through committed relationships. The ministry is conducted by trained volunteers who lead weekly meetings of small groups inside North Carolina’s correctional institutions. Yokefellow is a ministry of listening, sharing, caring, encouragement and support provided by community volunteers from the “outside” yoked in fellowship with those on the “inside” through the weekly small group meetings. The Summit Church seeks to take advantage of this ministry opportunity to speak the grace and truth of the Gospel into the lives of these men who are incarcerated, in the context of meaningful relationships.

Group Meals

Hosting small groups are needed to provide a simple buffet meal for 20 – 40 sponsors and inmates (from Wake Correctional). Meals are held on the first Sunday of the month immediately after the 10:45 service and the third Saturday of the month immediately after the 4PM service. These meals can be held at any Summit campus except Alamance or Chapel Hill (which are too distant for inmate travel.) We ask groups to mingle with the inmates (all of whom attend a Summit campus and most of whom are dear believing brothers in Christ.) Meals are multipurpose. They: 1) establish friendships, 2) help remove inmate stereotypes, 3) afford opportunities for small groups to engage with and even foster an inmate, 4) express Christian love and give inmates hope for positive relationships upon their release, 5) relieve prison ministry sponsors from funding, what are otherwise, regular restaurant visits, 6) allow hosts to exercise and develop gifts of hospitality, and 7) give inmates a better meal than they otherwise get during the week. We need the support of your small group in this ministry. The good news is, no blue card is needed!

Additional ways to serve are currently under development, including:

  • Small Group Ministry​
  • ReEntry Team​
  • Prayer Team

For more information please contact us.