14 Apr

Sent: Will and Ashley

Around the time City Awakening Church launched in Orlando in the fall of 2016, Pastor Louis Tamburro shared story after story of trials and spiritual warfare his launch members had been going through over the previous few months. But greater than the trials they faced, the members of this Summit...

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07 Apr

Year of Disciple-Making: What Do We Do Now?

On a recent trip into the mountains, Dave expected to have a quick visit with Frank, whom he had given a Bible a few months before. Frank had said he believed the Bible, which was significant in this predominantly Muslim and incredibly remote area of the world in which Dave...

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10 Feb

Go, and Take Your Job with You

There’s a new way to do what you do well for the glory of God and somewhere strategic for the mission of God—and you don’t have to leave your job to do it! The Summit’s Global Cities Initiative mobilizes teams of students, professionals, and retirees to work to make disciples...

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24 Jun

Greear Family Mission Trip Commissioning

How You Can Pray for My Family During Our Extended Mission Trip When God called me to be a pastor, he did so by first calling me to the mission field. I spent the first two years of my ministry as a church planter among Muslims overseas. God never relinquished that call to...

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10 Feb

Missions Night: I’m Sent! Recap

The Summit believes that the Great Commission, found in Matthew 28, was not just a special calling for an elite few, but a mandate for every believer. The Church is God’s “Plan A” for reaching each and every person with the gospel; Christians are called to put their “yes” on...

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20 Jan

I’m Sent

Many have heard the statistics about global lostness, but when you are surrounded by thousands of people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, those statistics become much more sobering as you replace numbers with faces and names. And those faces make the task of evangelism much more personal...

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10 Jul

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

“I don’t know how to raise money.” “I can’t take time away from my family.” “Short-term trips don’t matter for the gospel.” These are among the reasons many give for not going on a short-term mission trip. Cary-campus member Georgeanna Wiest dispelled these fears and myths when she led six women, yes,...

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22 Jun

From Durham Natives To Asheville Missionaries

Back in March Nathaniel, Tori & Zach Hartwell moved to Asheville, NC to help plant Emmaus Asheville.  Below you’ll find a snapshot of how God called them to Asheville. We were Durham natives… We’re Zach and Tori Hartwell.  We’re from Durham, NC and have been members of The Summit Church from the...

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31 May

How God Called Us to Charlotte

About a month ago Jen & Evan Hopkins along with their children Christian & Katelyn relocated to Charlotte, NC to join the Mercy Church launch team.  We asked the Hopkins to share some of their journey with us.   We loved Raleigh… But we never felt led to stay here long term....

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