Our mission is summarized in Jesus’ Great Commandment:

“Love God, love each other, and love our world.”

Love God: Gospel-centered Living

We believe Jesus absorbed God’s righteous wrath against our sin and bridged the gap between the Father and us. The way to restore our hearts and our families is by turning from our self-serving lifestyles, experiencing the radical, life-changing love of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and becoming his followers.

Love Each Other: The Church Is a New Community

We believe that you can’t be a spectator in the body of Christ, so our communities ought to be places where people know others and are known. Through local small groups, family ministries, and regional campuses, we want to be the church in your community, because “a neighbor close by is better than a family far away” (Proverbs 27:10 NCV).

Love Our World: Blessing Our Community

We believe that we’re not here to condemn our culture or simply survive it. We’re here to bless it for God’s glory. Each year The Summit Church invests hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of man-hours into our community by partnering with the most effective city-transforming agencies in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Plant 1,000 Churches in Our Generation
(50 years)

Planting Churches

We believe the most beneficial thing for every community is a church that can proclaim and live out the gospel of Jesus, so we are committed to planting churches in strategic cities all over the world. Each year we give at least 10 percent of our budget to our church plants overseas and send hundreds of volunteers to serve those communities. If Christ left the comfort of heaven and clothed himself in our flesh in order to reach us, we should be willing to do whatever it takes to reach people in our community and the world and help create thriving communities of disciples.

Partner with Us

Our family ministries will equip and empower you to be the minister. We also want you to partner with us through prayer as we ask God to complete our vision. We meet throughout the city weekly to pray for what God is doing in our city and around the world and call out to him to pour out his love and salvation through our church!